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YOU, The Ultimate Project Series

YOU, The Ultimate Project | Session 1: July 12th @ 7:30PM EST

 ORIENTATION & Entrepreneur Inspiration Session✨Transition to Become The  YOU That is YOUR Birthright, YOUR Passion, YOUR Destination, and YOUR  Purpose!
Are YOU Aspiring to Start YOUR Very Own Business & Don't know where to Begin?

Join @dailybossnetwork  for Inspired Tips & Prayers as I express my Roadmap to How I  Learned HOW to reach My Goals Through Resilience & Perseverance....  Get Inspired to Reach YOUR goals with ... “YOU, THE ULTIMATE  PROJECT”.... The  Workbook Book + PRAYER JOURNAL + Online Mini Series 

YOU, The Ultimate Project | Session 2: July 17th @7PM EST

Entrepreneur Business Idea Discovery  & Planning Session –  Discovering what you want to do, your business ideas, and your style is strictly for your  research & information gathering phase of developing your business ideas.

Planning –  Planning at it’s peak with Consultant, Loretta Rose designed and developed to  help you succeed & sustain in the Planning Phase of your Business.  

YOU, The Ultimate Project | July 24th @7PM EST

Working Remotely Successfully Session –  There can be challenges and many assumptions from a team of people who are working from a remote location, but I would like to share with you how to mitigate challenges and how to ensure the "beat goes on" as if you were all together in one big office building...  The best projects I have worked on involved core project teams, part-time members, contracted resources from all over the world and various vendors and service providers that created a "melting pot" of folks working on one initiative to get the job done. The most critical part of working remotely is... Communications!  


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