Empowerment EXPO 2019 at The Lake! Entrepreneur's EXPO



JOIN US For A Weekend of Networking, Brand Exposure, & Collaboration

This will be a weekend for Entrepreneurs to create long lasting beneficial business relationships, network with other Entrepreneurs, and expose brands to a NEW Market for themselves. The VIP Lounge will specifically for Meeting with The EXPO HOST, VIP Speaker & Co-Host,  VIP Vendors, VIP Exhibitors, & also to enjoy A relaxing meal with conversation on personal topics to prosper YOU, Ideas to Grow YOUR business, and lifting YOUR Business to a higher level that includes one-on-one for: 

Networking – by which you will meet to form business relationships and to recognize, create, or act upon great NEW Business opportunities, share information and gain potential partners for your business ventures. We encourage you to utilize this time to address the challenges barring you from business goals and as an entrepreneurial pathways to success tips & strategies for your business.

Brand Exposure – Your BRAND will be placed in your custom selected areas to create an identity for YOU during the Entrepreneur's EXPO in the support to your company's promotion & advertising efforts. Branding for your business during the Entrepreneur's EXPO is a "mini" marketing campaign and is a great way to help you build your Brand's messaging platform and directly host a "brand message" that is directly applied to this "mini" marketing campaigns. Because YOUR Business Brand A represents a promise to your customers, you will definitely make a difference during this event. 

As a VIP Brand Sponsor for the EXPO this allows YOUR Business to gain competitive advantage, define a coherent brand communication and reach this flourishing market in North Carolina during this event. 

Collaboration–  Meeting together in conversations to access greater resources for your business, and communication with other entrepreneurs to help increase the success of your business with a NEW purposeful relationship in order to accomplish a shared outcome of prospering your business. 


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Whether you plan to attend as a guest, Participate as a VIP Workshop Host, VIP Vendor, A Brand Sponsor, or Angel Sponsor... We are excited to have YOU JOIN US!


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