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LIVE! Online Workshops with Author | Consultant: Loretta Rose


CELEBRATING YOU!  As  an accomplished Corporate Professional for over 20 years while 5 Years  Ago I  created a platform for Women to be inspired, empowered, educated,  and motivated to wonderfully & powerfully transition into their  birthright of purpose, their dreams, theirs passions, and their destiny.  LIFE IS A CELEBRATION ~ Let's Get Started with Celebrating YOURS Today! 

The "CELEBRATING LIFE MY STYLE"  began as a book series, and I wanted to enhance my reach to a broader  audience of women... So, I designed, created, and launched... The NEW Online LIVE  Workshops for women to interact with me via internet to be worldwide  helping all women meet their goals and reach their God-Given potentials  as Entrepreneurs, Moms, & Masters in their Career.

CELEBRATING YOUR FREEDOM – Moving beyond dead-end relationships, jobs, and transitioning into your Passion.

CELEBRATING YOUR POWER  – You have been given the tools to succeed, the keys to be powerful in  all that you do, and the DNA to be a Success... JOIN ME to Celebrating  Life with YOUR Personal Power! 

CELEBRATING  YOUR STYLE –  Style is what makes YOU unique, makes a statement about  WHO you are, shows your taste in everything which creates an outward  appearance of what you are within. 

1 Day Session Only July 10th, 2018 @ 7:30PM EST ONLINE LIVE!  REGISTER & JOIN TODAY! 

The Workbook & Prayer Journal

 The  NEW! Daily BOSS Workbook + Payer Journal of Curated Scriptures That   Empower YOU to Celebrate Life YOUR Style Collaborates with the Online  Workshop is a Planner| Daily Motivational Guide | Prayer Journal that  follows along in the Online Workshop Series. The Daily BOSS Network's   Curated Scriptures of Transition & Transformation to "Celebrating  LIFE YOUR Style" is Now Available to order online.