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February Book of The Month

Author, Demetria Alexander Grissett

"In Sickness and In Health" lets you walk in the shoes of a young woman who was diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma, cancer of the plasma cells. During her treatment process, she kept a journalized account of her daily and weekly activities. This book shows how her faith was tested time and time again; not only in dealing with the cancer, but with many other life-changing situations that seemingly occurred all at the same time. You will see, as she had to learn, that you must trust God in sickness and in health.

Book website: www.deegrissett.com

Facebook link: www.facebook.com/AuthorDeeGrissett

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Readers can purchase the book at Amazon, Barnes&Noble, BooksAMillion.  

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January Book of The Month

Author, SheNesia Ewing

UncoveringTheNewU is a call to action memoir for the woman looking to identify their own strength and power to live ON purpose and intentionally. This interactive, empowerment memoir shares practical shifts & principles to do just that! International Master Trainer & Life Coach SheNesia Ewing reveals challenges caused by single motherhood, sexual assault, domestic violence, alcoholism, and homelessness because of her selflessness, lack of self-esteem, and failure to understand her worth.

All she ever wanted was to be liked by peers and loved by family. While in the pursuit of personal freedom she realizes that two things stand in the way. Her internal enemy caused by doubt and fear and the habit of sacrificing more for others than she does herself.

When she declared her independence from herself, she began tapping into her personal power, forcing her to learn how to live beyond her pain and circumstances. She realized that as a single mother there is no such thing as giving up or settling. It was up to her to change her mind to change her circumstances. Her ability to do and move forward was based on how long she ALLOWED the pain to linger in her mind, body, and spirit. Realizing no one could deliver her from her pain but her. Along the journey of pursuit, she learns how to walk in happiness by uncovering something she never knew she had; HERSELF


"This book is an inspiring deliverance and journey that will empower you to change your life, change your situation, and give you the courage to move beyond hopelessness and into your PURPOSE!  

This book by SheNesia is a definite must-have . Well Done My Dear!" - Loretta Rose

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